Our Approach

Great Jones Realty is a boutique real estate company located in the heart of Manhattan's historic NOHO district.Great Jones Realty distinguishes itself from larger companies by providing the care and attention to detail that ensures you never get lost in the shuffle. We take pride in listening to you, understanding your wants and needs, in order to better represent you.


Great Jones Realty will conduct an intensive market analysis of comparables when deciding the best price to market your property. We will review this with you and discuss options to ensure that you are comfortable with our strategy. Depending on your goals, we have multiple approaches to selling your property.

When representing a seller most people assume that they should list their property with a larger company to maximize their exposure. While a larger company’s website may be more frequented, it does not guarantee that your property is made top priority. In fact, it may not be given the attention it deserves. Great Jones Realty has a large database of contacts, compiled over the years, which your property is sent to on a bi-weekly basis. In addition, in today’s market, all companies co-broke their listings. In other words, once we sign an exclusive agreement to sell your property, we immediately send it to every other real estate firm through the broad based co-broking system which gives your property access to thousands of brokers. Your property is also advertised on the New York Times real estate website, providing our weekly open house schedule.


Great Jones Realty takes the “overwhelm” out of searching for an apartment in New York, especially for first time buyers or those relocating.

You may wonder why you should use a broker when it seems that all the possible listings are on the web or the New York Times?

At Great Jones Realty, we spend the time and energy searching through listings to get the details about a property, it’s our full-time job. We also have access to many listings which are not advertised as well as having great familiarity with buildings and neighborhoods.

Even if you don’t choose to use a broker in your search, you usually wind up working with the seller’s broker since most NYC listings are sales exclusives held by brokers. It doesn’t cost you any more to use us, but it could save you a lot! Before you start your search, there are three definitions regarding property types that you’ll want to understand: cooperatives, condominiums and townhouses/brownstones.


Great Jones Realty will guide you through the process of finding your ideal apartment by using our contacts and searching the available apartment listings which fit your criteria. Prior to starting your search, we provide an information checklist that will expedite the process of securing the apartment you want.


Great Jones Realty has negotiated numerous commercial and retail transactions where we have represented either the owner or the tenant. When searching for commercial space or listing one, we rely on our vast network of building owners and CoSTAR (an online commercial real estate resource used within the industry). Our astute listening skills and focused one-on-one approach enable us to provide you with a space that best suits your company’s needs based on your budget, neighborhood location and accessibility. By managing every phase of the process, Great Jones Realty works seamlessly to negotiate favorable lease terms and finalize transactions in a timely manner.

Our approach to owner representation is based on extensive knowledge of retail real estate and the strategies that most effectively enhance property values. We work with owners and developers to reposition and market their real estate assets to attract the most desirable tenants. We understand the operational and financial issues facing owners and developers today, so by identifying creditworthy tenants, we are effective in negotiating leases and closing deals in a timely manner.

Great Jones Realty bases its approach to retail tenant representation on our understanding that each retailer is unique and has special requirements. We are aware that a store’s location and position can significantly influence performance and success. We evaluate local markets, trends and demographics to identify the best options for your company.